Nathan Busse &
Julie Rooney
Are Getting Married!

August 14th, 2022

Boettcher Mansion | Golden, Colorado


Thank you so much for being part of our wedding! It means the world to celebrate with you.



Just a few notes before we get to the event details - 

  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate children at the wedding. Although we love your little ones, this is an adult only affair. Thank you for understanding!

  • Secondly, we ask everyone who can attend to be fully vaccinated and boosted (current to what the standards will be in August 2022).  We appreciate your cooperation with the way we're envisioning safety on our special day! 

Housing and Transportation

Quick summary

  • The wedding venue is about 30 minutes by car from downtown Denver

  • Look for details about a Saturday night get together and post-wedding Sunday night after party

  • Some hotel options are listed on the map below, but an equally good option is to look for an Airbnb in Platte Park, Rosedale, LoHi, South Broadway, or Washington Park neighborhoods.



All The Details!

Getting To The Venue

Our wedding is Sunday, August 14th, 2022 at Boettcher Mansion in Golden, Colorado (900 Colorow Rd, 80401).   Boettcher Mansion is about a 25-30 minute drive from central Denver and about 10-15 minutes uphill from the town of Golden. There is plenty of parking at the venue in a paved lot.

Unfortunately, public transportation does not service this region.  While ride-sharing certainly can be used to get the wedding, the site has poor cell phone reception so ride-sharing after the wedding may be difficult.  It’s a semi-remote location so there may not be many rideshare drivers nearby as well. We are strongly encouraging groups to carpool to the wedding.  

You don’t have to worry about snow or four-wheel drive in August.  The roads are all paved.  😊

Please note that there are two Boettcher Mansions in Colorado! Our wedding is at the one in Jefferson County ("Jeffco"). It is in Golden, Colorado, not Denver.

Boettcher Mansion.jpg

Saturday Night Welcome Party

Outside of the wedding, we are planning to invite anyone in town Saturday night out for an evening of drinks and karaoke. 


Location is still TBD, but we are intending to locate a space along Broadway just south of I-25 in the “South Broadway”, “Platte Park”,  and “Rosedale” neighborhoods.

The shared Google Map linked below has a few potential spaces marked with a Drinks icon.  We will confirm as soon as we can!


We will not be making hotel blocks, so please choose whichever housing suits you best! Everything listed below is either in the same general part of Denver, or closer to the venue. We’ve listed a few hotels on the map that are either in Golden, closer to the ceremony, or in the Highlands, a central neighborhood with lots of fun walkable activities. 

There aren’t hotels in the neighborhoods where we’re planning to host the Saturday Night Welcome Party and the after party, but there are lots of Airbnb options in these neighborhoods.  (Platte Park, Rosedale, LoHi, South Broadway, or Washington Park neighborhoods)

Air BnB

We suggest the South Broadway, Platte Park, and Rosedale, LoHi, or Washington Park neighborhoods

Air Bnb Denver


Origin Hotel Red Rocks

18485 W Colfax Ave, Golden, CO 80401
Free parking
Limited public transit

Origin Hotel.jpg

Denver Marriott West

1717 Denver West Marriott Blvd,

Golden, CO 80401
Free Parking
Limited public transit

Marriot West.jpg

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Denver Downtown

2747 Wyandot St, Denver, CO 80211
Paid parking
Relatively close to public transit


Classic Glamour

Something that's been a fun part of our relationship is throwing themed parties, and we'd love to make our wedding continue in that tradition. And so enters an attire theme for this event - Classic Glamour! 

What is Classic Glamour?


Short answer - 

Fancy ("black tie"), fabulous, red carpet
Eye catching, beautiful, and shiny outfits are perfect, just please avoid wearing white, cream, or light silver

Long answer - 

Based on the style of classic-era Hollywood cinema (circa 1932ish - 1941ish), Classic Glamour is a celebration of the red carpet classic look with a fabulous twist. This theme is especially meaningful to Julie because of her love of classic cinema and her career as a video editor, and we hope it reflects a spirit of celebration and optimism after so many years of pandemic malaise. 


We've included a photo collage of some inspiration ideas below, but if you don't happen to already own something that fits the bill, no need to buy something new - just wear something formal that makes you feel the most beautiful, the most luxurious, the most...glamourous.

If you feel like you're ready to walk the red carpet, then you have the right thing! 

The Classic Glamour Look

Formal suits

Collared shirts with a tie or bow tie

Long, flowy dresses
Fabrics with shine (silky, sequins-y, metallic)

Fabrics and styles with a great drape

Scarves or flowy capes as opposed to more structured jackets

If you really want to get specific about the theme, please note that Hollywood Glamour is distinct from "Gatsby", "Flapper", or "'50s Cocktail".


(Super ultra specific language for the fashion nerds among us - When you really get down to it, elements of the look are fabric cut on a bias, a trumpet or train, a deep v bodice, and a low back, which occasionally includes a cowl.  Flow and shine are prominent, and sometimes the gowns are accompanied by a scarf or cape.)


But of course, we're just splitting hairs here, the most important thing is to just wear something that makes you feel famous!

Classic Era Cinema.jpg


Here's some inspiration and mood images that include old Hollywood fashion as well as contemporary looks that incorporate classic glamour.