The Split Wild

Project: A multimedia opera

Role: Director and Creator


Composer: Jonathan Sokol

Dancers: Mandy Greenlee, Sonya Smith, Tomas Waples

Musicians: Christy Vaughan, Jessica Greer, Phil Norman, Tyler Rusco, Audrey Dignan, Victoria Di Marzio, Jason Olney, Jonathan Sokol

Stage Director: Anja Hose

Costume Designer: Tama Roberts

Videography: JT Rooney

Documentation: JT Rooney and Rachel Weaver

Venue: Atlas Black Box Theater, Boulder, CO

Investigative and emotional, The Split Wild is equal parts love story and exploration of multimedia storytelling. The production follows four characters – Bobcat, Otter, Rabbit, and Bear - as they struggle with their relationships and dualities within themselves. In a powerful combination, each one character in the opera is played by two people on stage; one musician and one dancer each. 

Projected images, characters within videos, costuming, animal imagery, and moving set pieces enhance Sokol's innovative classical music score and help bring to life a narrative that blurs the distinction between individualism, humanity, and The Wild. 

The Split Wild was premiered at The University of Colorado's ATLAS Black Box Theater on October 25th and 26th, 2013.

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