The Complect Voice: Suite for Birds and Mammals

Project: Short Film

Role: Director, Videographer, Editor


Jonathan Sokol, Composer and Performer

Filmed On Location: Boulder, Colorado; Cleveland, Ohio


Dallas Video Fest, Dallas, TX;
MIA Screening Series, Curated by Alanna Simone. The Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, California;
Antimatter Film Festival. Victoria, BC, Canada

The Complect Voice seeks the collaborative efforts of humans and animals to create musical performances through a scored musical suite. These videos apply the structure of music to the functional sounds made by animals from a variety of sources (alive, internet-based, taxidermied). Although union is seemingly achieved, the tension between the deliberate manipulation of the animals, the blurred distinction between imitation sources, and the animal’s resistance to the formulation of music emphasizes what separates and relates humans to other species.


This video is intended to be viewed in a theater setting. However, The Complect Voice is also accompanied by a musical score which notates all of the human and animals parts. With this score The Complect Voicecould theorteically be performed live, but because the formulation of music is too human to be translated into a live animal performance this piece can never be performed without the mediation of video.

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