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Digital video, animation, converted VHS tape, string quartet

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Colorful, surreal, and thought provoking, this experimental film takes the viewers on an emotionally driven journey through the twisting process of remembering. Through a mixture of animation and footage Dissolve deconstructs a family party from the 1980s and explores the nuances of the event until the validity of the memory falls apart. A powerful original score by award winning composer Jonathan Sokol enhances the uniqueness of this film. Experiential and intense, Dissolve challenges the viewers to question the validity of the party, the fluid nature of time, and even the truth of their own memories.

This piece was created in collaboration with composer Jonathan Sokol.

Video by Julie Rooney

Music by Jonathan Sokol

Performed by: Michelle Lie (violin), Maggie Hite (violin), Brendan Gillis (viola), and Max Frank (cello)

Sound production by: J.T. Rooney




"I have always suffered from…the uneasiness of being a subject torn between two languages, one expressive, one critical" - Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida

This series looks at three non-physical, memory-based environments which, though they are difficult to define, shape the daily life of an individual. Everything, All At Once considers the environment of a family structure, and the feelings of abandonment and empowerment a young person feels upon remembering that environment's imperfections; Dreaming of Forests (video), which accompanied the play Dreaming of Forests by Doug Bedwell, looks at the physical environment, and the struggle of balancing the responsibility to a larger cause against the desire of personal interests; and Dissolve, a collaboration with composer Jonathan Sokol, struggles with memories and the past, and how their repeating and changing nature constantly creates an environment the individual lives in.

This three year project is composed of three thirty-minute videos, each of which uses expressive and introspective imagery, animations, found footage, and digital video to explore alternate environments created by memories. Each shared the same goal of taking a closer look at the non-physical, intensely personalized environments that inform our personal daily decisions in our shared environments.


(c) Julie Rooney 2011